Currently valid boating restrictions on the Bata Canal

Operation of locks takes place in the months of May and September every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10:00 to 18:00. In the months of June, July and August each Tuesday to Sunday and holidays from 10:00 to 18:00.

This scheme was approved cruises State Navigation Administration.

Wharf are public, serve only to entry and exit of ships' crews. The harbors long-term parking is prohibited, anchoring and berthing. Regular ferry service is in the public harbors priority over other users of the waterway.

River cruise Morava occurs when the flow profile Kroměříž less than 100 m3 / s (upper portion) and the profile Strážnice less than 120 m3 / s (lower section).

Description of the function of the lock chamber.

The lock is used to overcome the height difference levels of vertical movement of the vessel. Lock chambers are placed on the waterways, especially (in the navigation channel, Canal), or directly on the rivers.
Drain water inlet or utilizing gravity, a reduction or increase in the level of water in the lock chamber and thus the start or lifting vessel. The chamber is mostly concrete or masonry, in exceptional cases it is possible to build a wall of steel sheet piles. In the past, some chambers built with sloping shorelines. The chamber is composed of upper and lower ohlaví between which is a space for the cone, ships. In both ohlavích are located watertight doors.
 To chamber downstream: Water in the chamber is impregnated with an upper water level, the upper gate is opened and the vessel enters the inside of the chamber. The vessel is exported - is tied with ropes to the binding elements in the chamber (bollards, tying crosses, etc..). The upper gates are closed. Chamber begins to drain. After the water level in the chamber and the lower the water level aligned with the lower door opens and the ship may leave the chamber. The chamber is now ready for locking through the vessel in an upward direction. Should it become necessary proplavit another vessel again in the downward direction, the chamber is again impregnated.
Door lock chamber serves to separate the locks from the top and bottom of the water. Gates are now made mainly of steel, in the past, Gates made either all-wood or wood studded with iron sheet. The gates are anchored by bearings ohlaví into the lock chamber. Nowadays it is used many kinds of doors, but not all fit into both ohlaví. The top ohlaví can be equipped with doors: buckling, board, blackboard, valve, the flap (Čábelková), or hook segment. lower ohlaví used doors buckling, plate or sheet. They are the most common type of gate and the gate is buckling.